Senior Photography Session Information


You made it!! You have survived years of homework, gym class, and cafeteria food, and blah blah blah…..  YOU MADE IT!

Urban Photography with high school seniors

I know that you ingest photography or photos constantly these days, but great photos stick out!   Do you want the same as everybody else?  Ahhh, no.  I have plenty of locations and ideas in mind, but I want to hear your ideas!

Styles Change and you are at the foreground.  Photography is changing fast and I’m ready to evolve with it.  I think that many of you are ready to make a bigger mark before you head out. Lets get original.  Lets break the norm. Lets Shoot!

To see some of our past senior images check out our senior gallery, for something newer browse the blog, and/or Facebook page if you’d like to see what we’re shooting lately!



Times are approximate, I’ve been know to run over, cause these are some of my favorite shoots.  Main thing, lets challenge ourselves to make some amazing photos!

BLUE  1 hour. Mellwood* session. 2-4 outfits. $100   

GREEN  2 hours. Mellwood* + one location. 4-5 outfits. $165

RED  3 hours. Mellwood* + 2-3 locations. Unlimited outfits. $250

BUDDY SESSION  want to have a joint session with your BFF? We’re down! The Buddy session includes Mellwood + 1 location, 2-3 outfits, and 2 hours. $200                  

YEARBOOK SESSION 30 mins. Mellwood* only. 1 outfit. 1 unit. 1 image emailed to school. $75

*Mellwood sessions include in-studio and around Mellwood Arts Center.

MAKEUP and even HAIR can be arranged, just depends how serious you are or who your are….   your call. (it helps doe)



Our packages start at $400.  I know, you want digtials, we cater.   We also sell PRINTS, canvases, metal murals, framed enlargements, and unique specialty items such as custom designed graduation announcements, iPhone covers, and art books, and photo boxes just to name a few.  Want to see our full price list? Email us, or give us a call at (502) 384-2393.



Uh… Lets Create the Trend! one of you will win.  I’ll take as many reps that want to sign up and shoot before June 30th.  You get… 2hrs, as much as we can cram in there, a concept portrait included, 25 shopped Digitals, 30% off prints, Rep Cards, for….(call me)!   But the point is to spread the word! We shoot, i share, you share (the ones you want), create a stir, and send me seniors that dig our style.  You get points for referrals that book with us, most points win a iPad or $500 in CASH. easy peasy(there is a minimum, blame the seniors before you)