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Working with Fusion has been an absolutely amazing experience. My wife and I cannot thank Nathan enough for everything that he did. He makes for such an easy experience and it is impossible to not have fun. After searching for 4-leaf clovers with Nathan during our engagement shoot, we knew that we had made the right decision. We are both a little sad that our engagement shoot and our wedding shoot have passed. Working with Fusion has been such a pleasurable experience that we may have to plan another shoot with Nathan in the future.

Robert Jensen
Louisville, KY

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Engagement Photographer Louisville, KY

Engagement sessions are a GREAT time for you and your fiancé to get to know me and for me to get to know you. I think that’s pretty important. The more you know me, the more comfortable you will be expressing yourselves as a couple in front of my camera. The end result of a better connection between me and the two of you is more relaxed, genuine photos.

When should we schedule our engagement session?
The answer mostly depends on your schedule. If you want photos for your save-the-dates, we’ll need to get the session done before you make the save-the-dates. If you’ll only be using the photos at your wedding, or don’t plan on using them or any reason besides having great, casual photos of the two of you, we can really do it anytime. Weekdays are best, but in the off-season (generally November through April) I can make many weekends work. Shooting within a few hours of sunset is ideal, but we can also do mornings if you’re a morning person.

What should we wear to our engagement shoot?
Wear clothes that you love and feel confident in. If you can’t decide, feel free to bring a few different options. Most couples bring a dressy outfit and a more casual one and change halfway through the shoot. You should definitely bring shoes that you can walk off-road in since we’ll probably find ourselves walking on a trail or across a field. Keep weather in mind – if it’s going to get chilly that evening, bring something warm. You don’t want to be freezing during your engagement session.

Where should we shoot our engagement session?
If there is a location that’s special to you two, let’s shoot there. If you just have a general location preference (field, barn, urban, etc.) I can definitely take those preferences and run with them. If you have no preferences at all, I’m happy to pick locations, too.

Can we shoot outside of the Louisville area?
Yes, with travel fees – $30 per half hour of drive time. However, we are surrounded by beautiful countryside with tons of character. Don’t hesitate to run your idea by me, I’m always ready to explore new territory!

What will our engagement session be like?
It won’t be awkward, difficult, or boring – I promise. The main goal of your engagement session is for you to have fun hanging out with your future spouse, and the more that you can relax and have fun and be snuggly with each other, the more unique your session will look and the better it’ll come out. Having said that, I know that this will probably be the first time you’ve had professional photos taken together, so I definitely give lots of input on posing. Too much rigid posing gets old real fast, but on the other hand, not being posed at all can be fairly uncomfortable for most people. I try to strike a balance that helps you feel confident and comfortable, but not rigidly scripted.

How long until we get to see our photos?
1-2 weeks!