I’m Nathan.


Proud Kentuckian.

Dad to three awesomely different pizza consumers (kiddos).

Hubby to a patient wife would keeps me grounded.

WKU Photojournalism grad.

I desire to create, repurpose, and add ideas to my book of inventions.

I collect too many things, but I love the hunt.

I believe it’s a lonely world without faith.

I secretly wish I could break dance.

I think breakfast should include coffee & cream cheese.

I itch to get into the woods, but don’t like itching when I get out.

I’m decent at the blues harp.

I fight for the last minute of sleep.

I love my boots and bourbon.

I’m blessed that I get to hold babies and work with kids so often. (Even the stinkers)

And, I live for the people I get to know on every adventure my camera takes me on. Photography is my release and my control. It humbles me and builds me. It allows me to meet the most random of people, and stop to hear their stories too.


Beautiful Brides
Smiling Babies
Cups of Coffee


  • Nathan has been our photographer for four years now. Not only does he have a great personality but his work is amazing! He just posted my sons pictures from yesterday and my jaw dropped! The pictures get better every year and this year is by far the best!
    Jessica Edwards
  • Outstanding customer service and commitment to the client, Nathan and Fusion Photography are superb. Nathan is incredibly tuned in and brings out the best in everyone he shoots. He is also very willing to go above and beyond - phenomenal value for top notch pro photography.
    Sondrah Laden
  • I contacted Nathan at Fusion Photography and our session couldn't have gone any smoother. When we arrived at the location, everything was set up and ready. Nathan's easy-going manner and genuine people skills put everyone at ease, right from the start. As a result, our family photographs are wonderful! I can’t believe the shots he was able to get.
    Peggy Braden